"Eternal Bamboo"- Memorial glass with cremation ashes


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"Bambou éternel" en verre avec cendres funéraires - La Meduse - Verre soufflé
"Bambou éternel" en verre avec cendres funéraires - La Meduse - Verre soufflé

Glass bamboo with ashes integrated into the 3 stems. Handmade memorial art. La Meduse blown glass, Magdalen Islands, Quebec.

Glass bamboo incorporating ashes into the 3 glass stems. Original glass keepsake. The set consists of 3 bamboo stems planted in a blown glass vase filled with sand from the Magdalen Islands. The 3 bamboo stems symbolize: Harmony - Strength - Wisdom. 

A touch of eternal for your deceased loved ones. A unique memorial art of a loved one to keep with you. A unique, discreet keepsake, made by hand at La Meduse - Glass blowing, Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada. 

Dimensions: approximately 40 cm x 10 cm 

For more than 15 years, La Meduse has been incorporating ashes of deceased people into glass works. We believe that such unique, colorful and elegant creations can be a tribute to those who have left us, as well as an ode to the beauty of life.

We therefore work in respect of the ashes of the deceased and we strive to achieve your glass memories to the best of our know-how and with the experience of more than 20 years of glass blowing.

Being settled on an island, we take inspiration from the sea around us to draw unique creative subjects and develop our own maritime signature.


In order to facilitate your difficult moments, we have developed a very simple logistics:

  • Place your order online
  • Put a small amount of ash in a sealed bag / container (1 tablespoon / piece to make)
  • Send us the ashes by mail in an envelope to:
  • La Meduse
    2-638 Route 199
    Havre-aux-Maisons, Québec
    G4T 5A8

  • Upon receipt of the ashes, we will make your glass pieces within 5 working days
  • We will then send you the completed pieces, as well as the ashes that haven’t been used, by mail.
  • ________________________________________________________

    At La Meduse, all of our glass pieces are hand-crafted, one by one, in our workshop located in Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada. Existing since 1985, our workshop is one of the oldest glassblowing workshops in Canada. We are now the second generation of glassblowers to continue this millennial know-how!

    As each piece is the result of a unique work, if you order several pieces of the same color, they will be similar, but will all be slightly different. They will each have their own personality, a little something that makes them unique.

    Moreover, at La Meduse, we are used to shipping glass all over the world. You can rest easy, we will make sure that everything goes to you without problem, for your greatest pleasure ... and ours.

    "Bambou éternel" en verre avec cendres funéraires - La Meduse - Verre soufflé
    "Bambou éternel" en verre avec cendres funéraires - La Meduse - Verre soufflé

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