Le temps d’une vie - Glass poem table

La Meduse - blown glass


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Le temps d’une vie - La Meduse - Verre soufflé
Le temps d’une vie - La Meduse - Verre soufflé
Le temps d’une vie - La Meduse - Verre soufflé

Glass poem table. Original work of art. Interior decoration. Sophie Bourgeois. Unique piece made by hand. Blown glass.

"Le temps d'une vie". Table-poem in blown glass, flameworking glass, fused glass and steel.The glass table-poems are a limited series of table-sculptures created by the artists of La Meduse, with different techniques of glass work and different creative imaginations. Here is a reinterpretation of the object "table".

Associated poem:

Le temps d’une vie est un tableau du temps. Il présente le temps qui passe et qui fait revivre la vie après la vie, alors même qu’on la croyait finie.

Height: 30 inches
Width: 19 inches diameter
Artist: Sophie Bourgeois


Our glass pieces can easily fit into your everyday life. In your home, your office or your cottage, allow yourself a splash of color and art by adding a glass element from La Meduse. A good way to think about Magdalen Islands at all times.

Because our pleasure also lies in the creation of a world of glass of our own, in this collection we present you some creations in glass that are coming right from our imagination. The fun we have making these is waiting for you in each of our pieces of glass, it is assured. And so it is for the wind from Magdalen Islands, as we blow glass.

Being settled on an island, we take inspiration from the sea around us to draw unique creative subjects and develop our own maritime signature.


At La Meduse, all of our glass pieces are hand-crafted, one by one, in our workshop located in Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada. Existing since 1985, our workshop is one of the oldest glassblowing workshops in Canada. We are now the second generation of glassblowers to continue this millennial know-how!

As each piece is the result of a unique work, if you order several pieces of the same color, they will be similar, but will all be slightly different. They will each have their own personality, a little something that makes them unique.

Moreover, at La Meduse, we are used to shipping glass all over the world. You can rest easy, we will make sure that everything goes to you without problem, for your greatest pleasure ... and ours.

Le temps d’une vie - La Meduse - Verre soufflé
Le temps d’une vie - La Meduse - Verre soufflé
Le temps d’une vie - La Meduse - Verre soufflé

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