Gift Certificate


Cette variante est actuellement non-disponible

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Hard to choose the perfect gift? It is true that it is sometimes difficult to choose. Here is the solution for you ... a gift certificate!

Various amounts available from $ 25 to $ 200.

Gift certificates can be used on any item of our online store. No need to break your head for a present. Let choose your guest. You will receive an e-mail with the gift certificate and all related instructions for easy use.

* Gift certificate not applicable to our shop of the Magdalen Islands.


At La Meduse, all of our glass pieces are hand-crafted, one by one, in our workshop located in Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada. Existing since 1985, our workshop is one of the oldest glassblowing workshops in Canada. We are now the second generation of glassblowers to continue this millennial know-how!

As each piece is the result of a unique work, if you order several pieces of the same color, they will be similar, but will all be slightly different. They will each have their own personality, a little something that makes them unique.

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